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                                            your own personal assistant!

    Is your life out of balance?

  Are you trying to do 36 hours of  “life to-do‘s” in a 24 hour day ?

 Are you always searching for “someone” to help with those special events or unusual projects you need assistance with ?

Do you cram your lunch breaks, evenings and weekends with all the tasks someone else could do?  

Do  you only think about all the things you love to do because you never have the time to do them?

If you answered YES, to any question …..
        You found your solution


Lori Greene

                We at Elite Services & Events & Elite Events understand how hard it is to find the time to manage all those never-ending “to do” checklists, business and personal tasks, special events and projects.
                Our unique services are designed to personally assist individuals, small business and corporations with handling life & work details that recurrently mount up and deprive you of your precious time. If it’s a special event or project that requires assistance, we can handle that too.
               Elite Services & Events & Elite Events wants to make your life a little less complicated, a little less stressful and maybe even give you some peace of mind !
               Put some balance back in your life…take back your time…do what you truly prefer to do… and with our “Life Simplifying Services” you can……                                                                 

How can we assist you?


A Sampling Of Our
Unlimited Services

  • Event Coordinator/Planning
  • Event Promoter
  • Personal Assistant
  • Home/Office Organizing
  • Wedding Consultant
  • Personal Concierge
  • Holiday Decorating
  • Employee Services
  • Meeting Planner
  • Executive Shopping
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Courier Service
  • VIP Services
  • Errands
  • Personal Shopping
  • While Your Away Services
  • Appointment Setting
  • Maintenance Arrangements

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