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                Employers recognize the need for effective time management and are frequently looking for ways to help employees balance their personal and professional lives.

        Elite Services & Events offers companies an effective solution. This “employee perk” clearly benefits the business, as well as the employee. This is a work/life service that all companies can use, not only for employee retention, but to provide employees with a unique employee benefit. With Elite Services & Events, you will be keeping your employees happy -- and in today’s job market that’s the name of the game!

        How much more productive would your employees be if they didn’t have to come in late, leave early, use precious company time to pick up dry cleaning, prescriptions, get their car serviced, wait for the service vendor, wait for home repairmen, let out the family dog, bring last minute snacks to their child’s school, and accomplish a list of other never-ending necessary and time-consuming tasks?

        What do employees say…

** 75% take care of personal responsibilities while on the job

** 65% take time off to handle personal errands and tasks.


Wouldn’t it be great to offer your employees a work/life benefit that they will truly appreciate?

Give your company the competitive edge through employee loyalty, add employee retention and increase productivity.

Reward your employees, add services from Elite Services & Events to your employee benefit package!


            We are certain that personal concierge services will be offered as a standard benefit in most employee’s hiring packages in the very near future. Some of Fortune Magazines’100 Best Companies to work for have already begun thinking along these lines in order to have an edge on their competition. These companies have moved beyond thinking that employee’s lives are strictly personal.


        Elite Services & Events can meet many of your companies other needs:

  • Corporate Gifts
  • Office Holiday Decorating
  • Event / Meeting Planning
  • Client Care & Customer Appreciation
  • Special Projects
  • Company Concierge


Let Us Simplify Your Life!
 (and your employees)

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